Summer School Permission Form

Drop-off and collection of children is the parent’s responsibility. Children through Grade 3 (except for those
nine years old or older) MUST be accompanied to and from school by a designated adult. Children in Grade
4 or at least nine years old may commute on their own with parental permission.

School Pickup

A designated adult will pick up my child.*
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
*Any non designated person must be cleared by the School Office before collecting your child.

Medical Information

If yes, please provide details
If yes, please provide details

Emergency Contacts

Medical Release

Medical release: “I hereby give permission for any St. Michael’s International School or English Language Section staff to treat my child for minor injuries and abrasions if and when necessary. I understand I will be notified of any additional medical aid given to my child.” Please indicate your acceptance of this release by signing below: