Summer School Curriculum

Summer School Curriculum and Classes:   

The SMIS-English Kids Summer School uses a curriculum that blends academic skills with hands-on learning to engage students through age appropriate activities that increase children’s understanding of reading, writing and grammar as well as speaking, listening and overall English communication skills.  

Summer School students start the day learning academic English based on the theme ‘Our Wonderful World’ that teaches grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills through a combination of textbook and worksheet materials as well as group and pair work that allows students to use these skills in a practical way and improve their listening and speaking skills.  English literacy skills are the essential parts of our curriculum, and to ensure students gain a deeper understanding of the literacy skills they learn every day, the SMIS-English Kids Summer School uses P.E., Music, Reading and Activities, and Art classes to provide children with more opportunities to use English in a variety of situations to communicate and collaborate with others in a natural environment.

“You cannot make children learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” ~ Vince Gowmon

When students are fully engaged, working and learning together, and are having fun learning English, they learn to their fullest potential and eventually they excel in English.  This is the focus and goal of the SMIS-English Kids Summer School curriculum and classes.