Saturday School Curriculum

The SMIS-English Saturday School follows a professionally developed curriculum that allows students to progress in a carefully planned manner from the time they enter Saturday School to the time they graduate at the end of the sixth grade.  The Saturday School uses a combination of textbook based classes to teach the building blocks of grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing with hands-on classes that give students the opportunity to use English in a practical manner by working and collaborating with their classmates in a variety of challenging yet enjoyable activity based classes.


The core of any English programme is its Literacy classes and all ages of students have two Literacy classes that use the Oxford Discover ® Textbook series to introduce students to new grammar and vocabulary, as well as teach reading, writing and communication skills through a range of interesting topics.  The textbook offers a map that allows Saturday School teachers to highlight important parts of the text and use outside resources including short videos, readings and writing activities to increase students’ understanding of the topic and skills the unit teaches.


Reading is a key to learning English and all Saturday Students check out two age and level appropriate books from the St. Michael’s International School library to read at home every Saturday.  This gives students thousands of books to choose from and learn the joy of reading from a young age.  Students also do a variety of reading and writing activities in class during Library time to increase their skills in these vital areas of English education.


Computing skills and coding have become an increasingly important and a solid understanding of these not only enhance students’ English ability but open opportunities for academic advancement for students.  The SMIS-English Saturday School teaches students in the second to sixth grade computing and coding in English which teaches our students important English language skills and allows them to use English to develop important skills for increased future academic and employment opportunities.

Reading and Activities

Reading is fundamental to increasing vocabulary, enhancing grammar and learning pronunciation.  To gain these critical skills, four to six year old Saturday School students have a Reading and Activities class where the teacher reads to students and engages students in imaginative, creative hands-on activities that introduces students to the joy of books and opens the world of reading to students.

Physical Education and Projects

The importance of academic English literacy skills cannot be overstated.  However, when students have the opportunity to use those skills in non-academic situations they gain a better understanding of how to use these skills in practical, useful  situations.  The Saturday School Physical Education and Projects classes provide students with the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in English while collaborating and cooperating with each other and learning important communication skills to follow instructions, give information and work together to accomplish a goal in English.  English through movement and English through art help students learn, grow and explore new ideas in an enjoyable, collaborative and educationally appropriate environment.