Message From Our Coordinator

If you are unable to visit SMIS-English during an Open House, we welcome families to make a reservation for a personal school tour. Contact the Admission Office or call 078-221-8028 to schedule a personal tour.

For over seven years it has been my privilege to supervise and expand the SMIS-English children’s English programmes and I am proud to say I have helped hundreds of young learners improve and increase their English skills and abilities through the SMIS-English Saturday School, SMIS-English Kids, Mommy & Baby, SMIS-English Kids Summer School classes and the SMIS-English/Shoin Girls’ Junior High School Saturday School.

By creating an innovative, creative and and collaborative learning environment where teachers help young learners of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential SMIS-English truly ‘Creates the leaders of tomorrow one child at a time.’