Vision and Mission

The SMIS-English Mission is to provide a positive learning experience for young English language learners of all abilities and nationalities that ‘Creates the leaders of tomorrow one child at a time.’

SMIS-English children’s English education programmes are delivered by educators who are experienced experts in English education who have a holistic approach to English education that meets the individual educational needs of all students.  This takes place in an academically challenging yet nurturing environment.

SMIS-English strives to be the school of choice for internationally minded families who desire to give their children the best possible English language education.  By providing exceptional English education programmes for children of all ages we work to enhance the global understanding and communication ability for this generation, and generations to come.  SMIS-English children’s English education programmes provide a student focused, values based, caring and compassionate curriculum that helps young learners become in the Japanese and  international communities in Kobe and the Hyogo area become the global leaders of tomorrow.