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Welcome to SMIS-EnglishSMIS-English provides a challenging, but caring and enjoyable learning environment where students do more than simply learn English; students gain the skills needed to become a vibrant part of the international community.  

Our goal is that all SMIS-English programmes exceed students’ expectations in every way, and to teach students the skills they need to excel in English. For detailed information about any SMIS-English programme please complete the form below in English or Japanese.

SMIS-English is an international school in every way; a vibrant, progressive school in the heart of Kobe that develops internationally-minded, global thinkers.  SMIS-English strives to improve the community it has been a part of since 1946 by providing the best English education available to the greater Kobe community.  Come and experience the for SMIS-English programmes yourself- the SMIS-English difference is clear!

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