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Kobe Saturday English School

SMIS-English- over 75 years of English excellence in Kobe! The SMIS-English difference is clear; challenging English programmes that teach students the skills needed to succeed in today’s international world. SMIS-English is an educational institution that helps children of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential by providing an innovative, creative, and collaborative learning environment. Through the guidance of their teachers, SMIS-English aims to create future leaders one child at a time. Come visit our Kobe English School today.

We also have Intensive Adult English School programmes available.

English School

We are an international school in every way; a vibrant English language school in the heart of Kobe that develops internationally-minded, global leaders for the future.

kobe english school

English Immersion

SMIS-English programmes give the best English education available for students of all English ability levels to excel. A school’s greatest asset is its teachers, and SMIS-English prides itself on its team of professional, dedicated, native English teachers.

Kobe English School

The SMIS-English Saturday School offers a rigorous curriculum that enhances students’ English proficiency through a combination of challenging academics and practical, hands-on learning, taught by highly competent native English teachers. This results in a solid foundation in academic English and advanced speaking, listening, and comprehension skills for Saturday School students. The program builds their confidence in using English in both academic and daily settings.

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