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Welcome to the St. Michael’s International School English Language Section, SMIS-English.  The English Language Section, SMIS-English strives to provide a challenging, yet enjoyable, learning environment where students do more than simply learn, students become a part of the St. Michael’s School community.  

It is our sincere desire that the English Language Section, SMIS-English programmes exceed your expectations in every way, and provide you with the skills you need to improve and expand your English ability.  If you have any questions or want more detailed information on any of our programmes please complete the form below in English or Japanese.

SMIS-English is an international school in every way; a vibrant, progressive school in the heart of Kobe that develops internationally-minded, global thinkers.  SMIS-English strives to improve the community it has been a part of since 1946 by giving the best English education available to the greater Kobe community.  Come and see for yourself, the difference is clear!

For an up to date calendar, please click 20-21 SMIS English Calendar- revision 2