10 June Saturday School

Dear Saturday School Parents,

Good evening and welcome to week nine of the SMIS-English Saturday School summer term.  I hope you and your children are having a fantastic week and that you are staying dry on this wet Thursday evening.

Today there are only a few reminders about Saturday School.  First, the rainy season and typhoon season started early this year, and while I do not anticipate any Keiho school closures this term, in the event of a Keiho in effect at 7:00 on a Saturday morning, Saturday School will close for the day.  I will send Keiho closure information by email at 7:05, so if in doubt please check your email at 7:10.  If there are two or more Keiho closures in a term Saturday School will hold a make-up day for the second (or more) Keiho closures.  Again, I do not anticipate this happening, but it is important you know.  Next, many parents ask the best way to assist their children with learning English at home.  I highly recommend reading with or to your child for 20 minutes three or four times a week.  It is okay if your English is not perfect, children gain so much from being read to, or reading with their parents, and gain a love for books and language that will last a lifetime.  I would like to end with an apology.  Last week I was unable to reply to all of the emails I received about student absences.  I do my best, but sometimes I am unable to reply to all emails about absences, so, again, my apologies and thank you for your understanding.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and look forward to seeing you and your children this Saturday.  Seeing all of the happy faces on young children who are excited about learning English is always the highlight of my week!

Best regards,

JonathanJonathan BunchSMIS-English

ELS Coordinator

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