Adult Day School

学校法人 SMIS-English 全日制英語本科





優れた教師は優れた学習に役立ちます。 英語科の教師は全員、経験豊富で献身的な専門家であり、生徒の英語学習に深く関心を持っています。単に英語を教えるだけではなく、生徒の学習ニーズを満たしつつ、やりがいのある刺激的なクラスを実施し、生徒の最大限の可能性を引き出すよう促します。



会話(Show and Tell, Topics, Situational English, Guided Conversation含む)リスニング、リーディング、ライティング、翻訳、文学、ボキャブラリー







SMIS-English Adult Day School Programme

The SMIS-English Adult Day School programme is a unique English language programme which offers adult English learners a choice of full-time and part-time classes on Monday-Friday mornings with afternoon electives.  This lets students choose the times and classes which are right for their learning needs. The SMIS-English Adult Day School is also unique in Kansai because it is the only programme of its kind with “Gako Hojin” status and is able to offer a “GakuWari” train discount.  This requires SMIS-English to maintain the highest of educational standards which ensures an outstanding learning outcome.

The SMIS-English Adult Day School programme offers adult English language learners the opportunity to improve their English skills in an academically challenging, yet enjoyable, all English setting.  The programme is designed to meet the skill building needs, as well as practical English requirements, of adult students. SMIS-English does this with a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing the very best in English education.

The goal of the SMIS-English Adult Day School is to assist students with developing the skills required to communicate in a natural and practical manner in professional and everyday settings.  To achieve this goal all classes at all levels are taught in English, using all English textbooks. This creates an English immersion environment which gives students the confidence to use natural English in a wide variety of settings.

“Graduation December 2019”

Teaching Staff

Great teachers make for great learning.  All of the SMIS-English Adult Day School teachers are experienced, dedicated professionals who deeply care about students’ English language learning.  The SMIS-English teachers do much more than just teach English, they inspire students to reach their full potential by creating classes that are challenging and stimulating, while meeting each student’s learning needs.

Class Schedule, Subjects and Content

Full-time Classes: 9:00 – 11:50

Conversation, Listening, Reading, Writing, Translation, Literature, Vocabulary Building and Grammar.

Elective Classes: 12:00 – 15:00

Advanced Translation, How to Teach English, STEP Pre 1 and Grammar Supplement Classes.

Admission, Promotion, Graduation

The SMIS-English Adult Day School accepts new students throughout the year in three ability levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. A level check is given to all students before entering the Day School programme, which allows adult students to study in the class which will best suit their needs.  As students progress through the Day School programme they will advance to the next level, with students in the Advanced level class receiving a graduation certificate upon completion of of the programme.

Prospective students are encouraged to call or email to make a reservation for three free trial days.  Experience the SMIS-English difference for yourself today!