SMIS-English Intensive Adult Day School Programme

学校法人 SMIS-English 全日制英語本科


成人対象の全日制英語スクールは、神戸にある他の英語学校とは異なります。 当校では基本から上級者向けの英語学習までを対象にフルタイムとパートタイムのオプションを備えたプログラムを提供しており、特別に設計された独自のオリジナルのコース教材とともに、さまざまな教科書を使用しています。これにより学習、仕事、または実践的な状況下で自信を持ってコミュニケーションを取るために必要な英語のスキルが習得できます。



Our Teachers:教師陣

優れた教師は素晴らしい学習体験をもたらします。 英語科の教師陣は、学習成果が期待できる経験豊富な専門家です。英語を教えるだけではなく、挑戦的で創造的、かつ刺激的なクラスで学生を刺激します。









SMIS-English Adult Day School Programme

The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School is like no other English language school in Kobe.  The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School offers a two tiered programme with full-time and part-time options for English language learners with Basic through Advanced language ability.  The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School uses a variety of textbooks along with unique, original course materials designed specifically for our students.  This allows students to gain the English skills needed to communicate confidently whether in academic, work or practical situations.

The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School offers a three year full-time academic programme Monday-Friday for adults with a Graduation Certificate upon completion.  This course is designed for students who need English for work or academics.  Students entering this course can expect to graduate with a high level of English proficiency and the skills needed to advance careers or study abroad.  For adult learners who desire to improve their English communication skills but do not need a Graduation Certificate the SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School offers a non-certificate course designed to give adult learners the ability to confidently read, write and speak English in a variety of practical situations.  With course offerings Monday-Friday from 9.00-12.00 and elective afternoon classes students can choose the programme that best meets their English learning needs.

Our Teachers:

Great teachers make for a great learning experience.  The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School teachers are experienced professionals dedicated to student success.  Our teachers do more than teach English, they inspire students in challenging, creative and stimulating classes.

Class Offerings and Times:

Core Class Times: Monday-Wednesday, 9:00-12:00

Elective Class Times: Thursday and Friday 9.00-14.00


The SMIS-English Intensive Adult English School accepts new students throughout the year.  A comprehensive placement process ensures students enter at the appropriate level to ensure success.  To learn more about this unique programme make a reservation for a week of free trial lessons by emailing or calling on (078) 221-8028 today!