Adult Day School

 Adult Day School

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How to Teach(英語教授法)、英検準1級準備、文法補講等



SMIS-English Adult Day School Programme

The SMIS-English Adult Day School programme offers adult students the opportunity to expand and improve their English skills and ability in an academically challenging, yet enjoyable, all English setting.  The Adult Day School programme is designed to meet the skill building needs, as well as practical English needs, of adult students. We do this through a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced teachers who are passionate about providing the best possible English education to adult learners from basic to advanced ability.

Teaching Staff

The SMIS-English Adults Day School has teachers from the United States, Canada and Australia along with bilingual Japanese teachers. This provides a significant advantage for students as they are exposed to different English accents, and are provided with outstanding opportunities to learn practical English skills.

Class Schedule, Subjects and Content

Regular Classes Time: 9:00 – 11:50

Conversation, Listening, Reading, Writing, Translation, Literature and Vocabulary Building.

Elective Classes: 12:00 – 15:00

How to Teach English, STEP Pre 1st Grade and Grammar Supplement Classes.

Admission, Promotion, Graduation

SMIS-English offers three course levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Level check tests are given before entering the programme, and students study in the respective class according to their ability. Students who make appropriate progress will be promoted to a higher level class upon consultation.  Students in the Advanced level class receive a certificate of completion/graduation upon successful completion of graduation requirements.

All classes are conducted in English and follow a set schedule.

The goal of the SMIS-English Day School programme is to assist students with achieving the skills necessary to develop natural and practical English knowledge and skills that students can use in both professional and everyday settings.

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