SMIS-English Kids Summer School


The Kids Summer School programme is for children ages 4-11 (preschool through elementary grade six). This exciting programme allows children to develop their English skills in an academically challenging, but enjoyable environment. The programme includes English Literacy, Reading and Activities, Arts, Physical Education and Water Play, all taught by caring, highly qualified native teachers. As one parent said, “It is like an overseas experience in the heart of Kobe.

The SMIS-English Kids Summer School runs from 27 July to 07 August (ten days) from 9:00-15:05, Monday through Friday.

Tuition is 100,000 yen per child.  However, apply before 29 May and receive a 5,000 yen discount!

For more information on the SMIS-English Kids Summer School email or call (078)-221-8028.


日 程:7月27日(月)~8月07日(金)*土日を除く10日間

時 間:午前9:00~午後3:05

対 象:4歳児から小学6年生

費 用:10万円

内 容:色んなアクティビティや科目を通して英語全般に渡る能力を伸ばせるように工夫さてれおり、経験豊富で有能なネイティブ講師陣が各クラスを担当